Welcome to the Internet. We here at SYIX.COM  (pronounced SIX DOT COM) have composed a Beginner's Guide to the Internet. We designed this page for those of you who are new SYIX members. This  should give you a few ideas about cruising the "Information Super Highway". This page covers definitions, navigation, and other basic necessities required to be a successful and law abiding "Netizen".


Why Do I need to Know Definitions?
As simple as it seems, a basic knowledge of the terms and the "language" will help in understanding the "Internet".
Favorites / Bookmarks
'Add to Favorites'/'Add to Bookmarks' This action allows you to go back to those pages you want to re-visit, at some time in the future. Use this feature often. It is easy to get side-tracked,(lost) due to all the links (a link is defined below) you will encounter along the way. It will happen to you, and when you attempt to get back to a site, you won't remember the address or even how you got there!!! On your Microsoft  Internet Explorer Browser's toolbar, click on Favorites, and click "Add to Favorites". On Netscape navigator click on Bookmarks, and click "Add to Bookmarks".


A "network" of computers linked up by phone lines. By reading this page, you are accessing the Internet.

Web Browser
Your web browser is what you are viewing this page on. The Microsoft Internet Explorer is the "Browser" that was distributed to you with your SYIX.COM account . You may use any type of browser you prefer, but keep in mind  our technical support people only  support the Microsoft Internet Explorer.

Search Engines
A search engine is the online equivalent of a phone book  There are approximately 500 search engines, you will find your favorite one by experimenting. As an SYIX member, you can gain access to the search engines directly from our home page just click on "search the internet" and you will be at our search page.To find any particular topic or item online enter a "Key Word description" into the search engine form.
"Key word" example..... you're looking for GI-Joe doll collectors , therefore I enter GI-Joe . Then submit it by pressing the respective search button on the page.

Links are quick routes to other web pages that may be similar or related in some fashion. On most websites the links are blue and underlined, you can directly click on them and retrieve the page to which it is connected.This is another way for you to navigate the Internet. We find links most helpful, but also very addicting. Remember you can always use the "Back" button to return from wherever you end up. Should you become completely lost hit the Home icon at the top of your Browser and you will be returned to SYIX.COM.
Internet Service Provider,
A provider of  Internet Services such as SYIX.COM where you get un-restricted direct access with one flat rate fee per month and no possibility of "hidden charges" being added to your account. Not only will you become more proficient on the Internet, your pocket book will thank you as well! The typical Local ISP will usually charge a Flat Rate with UNRESTRICTED time! And trust me, you will need it!


Internet Relay Chat. Yes, the Internet has its own Chat areas. So you won't miss all that fun and exciting chatting that you love so much. IRC is by far superior to any so-called "Chat Area"on any system. There are essentially no limits to what you can do. We like playing chess, playing spades, hearts and many other games with our IRC friends! You can get all the information you need about IRC on our IRC pages <IRC>link


These are programs that tell your computer to do something bad! Nearly 95% of all virus infections come from using someone else's floppy in your computer. Here is how to avoid them: You should download a Virus Scanner. You should to look for one that will do the following: automatically scan when you start your computer and stay running in the "background" while you are using your computer. The virus scanner should have the ability not only to detect but also to delete or fix the infected file. The virus protection program we run at our main office is Sophos Enterprise. It is available expressly for businesses. It also every email both coming and going and it's updated hourly.


Spam is basically "Junk Email". The technical term is "UCE" or Unsolicited Commercial Email. These are usually get rich quick schemes or some sort of multi-level marketing plan. Our system filters certain sites that have a track record of allowing this behavior. Please do not think that Mass Email is a way to sell a product or bring people to a website. The only thing it will cause is to get your account terminated without as much as a second thought. SYIX.COM HAS ZERO TOLERANCE for such abuse.


Now that you know a thing or two about the Internet, now let's put it to practice. You are probably wondering, how many sites there are on the net? Well since new sites are popping up all the time and no one can honestly say what all is out there, there is a learning curve to the Internet. You will learn as you go so go now and learn. You can start on the SYIX System home page, exploring our members personal sites or our commercial web sites. Be sure to remember that there is always someplace to find Information online, and that the only dumb question is the one that isn't asked.

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