Many times while using your Internet account, you will find times that things just don't seem to be working!  We have tried to collect a few of the things that drive US nuts, and hope that a few of these will help you out in your use of the Internet.


  1. Computer constantly asks for your password, and you KNOW its right.
    a.  A password error can also be a login name error, check both!
    b.  You added an additional "P" in front of your username.
    c.  You have your caps lock key turned on.
    d.  You have a "space" in your username, either before or after your name.   Highlight it all, make SURE there are none there.
    e.  You have not paid for your account lately.

  2. Server Down?
    a.  If it is, you will probably NOT get the phone to answer, I drag everyone into this one!
    b.  We average from less than 15 minutes of downtime a YEAR on our login servers, less than one half hour a YEAR on the Web Server.  Its probably not us.
    c.  Its MIGHT still be us, after all, our computers are just machines too.  Call us! We might even not know its broken!
    d.  Most popular fix?  Reboot!
  3. Can't get my E-Mail:
    a.  This is a hard one.  It has many parts.
    1.  HUGE file waiting for you.  MANY Megabytes. Solution, wait a LONG time for it, or open your e-mail in SYIXmail at syixmail.  Ask people to NOT do that again.
    2.  You repeatedly checked your mail, over and over again.   The server is confused, its still trying to send the mail the first time, and has a 3 minute timeout.  Wait 4minutes and try again.
    3.  You messed up the password somehow, or your kids did.   Just be sure you re-enter it correctly, read number 1 above.
    b.  You have a corrupted "INBOX" or equivalent.  This is a tough one, only fix so far is to try to rebuild the mail database by running the "compress" tool. Look under "file-folders-compact all folders.   I know, what a pain, just don't crash your system or shut it off with the mail program running.
  4. You open your browser and it says "Can't find...."
    a.  You are looking for a site that doesn't exist any more.  Very common these days.
    b.  You are NOT connected to the Net.  Your dialer didn't ever dial, so you can't find anything.  In Win95, Open My Computer, Dialup Networking, and run SYIX.COM or similar.  After it connects, you will be fine again.  Don't shut off your computer while you are online!  Windows95 must ALWAYS be shutdown properly, with the "Start-Shutdown" procedure.
  5. Everything fails, but I know I am online.
    a.  You may have installed a firewall, and its broken, disable it and try again.