THE INTERNET, an awe inspiring place, full of confusion and misinformation, entirely too many experts, and not enough of them, paradox reigns supreme, but its all ordered in a way only a computer can do. Confused yet? Read on, We have more.

In a sometime useless attempt to help you gain a better understanding of what this technology is all about and what it can do for you, a few companies and wonderful people have taken on the awesome task of supplying you the basics for using the Internet and its many features. We will start you off with a couple of the best, and then point you on to other resources that will help you out. Below there is a list of hot-links to nothing but help systems and different things that will enhance your experience. None of them exist on this server, none of them are our responsibility, but all of them worked the day that We created this page. BUT FIRST, check out.......SYIX New Member Definitions

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SYIX New-members Help Page
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"An Internet Tutorial a link to an internet tutorial " your basic guide to the Internet

Learn the Net
"Learn the NET" from Paradesa Media, new user and advanced training

Here are some other  helpful site we have found: