DON'T PANIC! but Please Read


Yes, we have a new website. Everything that was on the old website you'll be able to find here with a few, new additions. Things are just moved around a bit.

There's  a short menu at top and on the right you'll find all the old items you're used to.

That menu will stay put as you scroll and there's a 'to the top' button on the bottom right if you move too far down and want to go back to the top quickly.

Also note the new Weather button on the top left. Clicking on it will show you current weather and a 7 day forcast. Clicking the button again will hide it. If you have your desktop enlarged so much that you can't see the button at the bottom after the weather is open then just 'refresh' the page and it will disappear.


Back links or buttons at the end of most articles allow you to move back to the home page.


If wish to log in but can't, please email and we'll it sorted out for you.


Explore and have fun